1 month old baby developments

May be it’s a boy or a girl or twin’s !! Yeah a new baby is born. Below you will know how your new born buddy is developing for a month old.

A lot will change as your new born will make your life so special & sometimes restless. Don’t worry things will get better month by month.

A month old baby is so fragile & needs complete care. Especially mothers may have to spend sleepless nights & you will only have few hours of sleep as your baby asks for food 2-3 hours.

In first few Weeks of your baby will grow very fast and will gain weight & you can observe when you are holding them in your hands. They will be soo little & fragile when born & you may feel a bit nervous holding them but don’t worry you will automatically learn with few holdings and will gain confidence day by day.

In first few weeks you will have a beautiful feeling seeing them Smiling in Thier sleep but they do not know that they are smiling.

After there first month you can see that they will start staring & following your moments when you pass near them.

1 month old baby’s senses :

Eye Sight of 1 month old baby :

A new born baby’s eye vision will be very fuzzy and will develop day by day. At one month old your baby’s vision will be a bit better but not longer than 30 cm from them. So if your plan on doing any face or anything better stay a bit closer.

At 1 month they can track your moments by turning Thier face & eyes . For them it is easier to pick any contrast Colors & in your face your baby can easily see highlights like your eyebrows & tongue. Trying doing something with them when your closer & they can stare at you. As days pass on eye vision improves a lot. So stay close & start practising funny faces.

Hearing of 1 month old baby :

As your new born ears are so fragile & sensitive at one month they will be fully developed. Do you know that they will start developing thier hearing skills by lot in the womb. Now they can turn thier head towards the direction of the sound. Start making sounds like clapping or with toys and you can see them turning thier head towards it. Try singing or talking to your baby they will state at you & will recognise your voice in time.

They even start thier language skills by listening to your words.

Head control of your 1 month old baby :

One month old baby’s neck muscles are still developing & weak. It will be a bit difficult for them to hold them by thier own. You will have to give support to thier head always and be very careful with thier head.

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